Who’s Your Family?

Everybody has a “Family” – but truthfully – everyone has more than one. Your family is not just the people who raised you and to whom you are related. When you spend hours and hours working with someone they become a part of your “work-family.” Magician Gary Flegal - We are FamilyThe truth is when you spend so many hours with people at work sharing space and experiences, those people become part of your family.

The same can be said in many settings, whether it is a spiritual community that becomes family, a school group, or a civic organization. Shared time and experiences mold groups of individuals into families.

Just like traditional families, our created families take time to play and celebrate together. When it’s time for one of your families to celebrate, why not do it in style with The Family Entertainment Expert – Dr. Gary Flegal!

Family Entertainment is Dr. Flegal’s specialty! Whether you need entertainment for your Corporate Family, Church Family, School Family, or Personal Family, Gary Flegal is your guy! Gary Flegal performs magic for Corporate Events, Schools, Weddings, Communions, Bar Mitzvahs, Kid’s Birthday Parties, and more!

To quote one of Gary’s nationally known clients . . .

“Gary Flegal is an exceptional entertainer. Yes, he’s a truly – truly! – amazing magician. He’s also a highly creative and dynamic performer who knows how to entertain his audience…young and old. And he’s a consummate professional who is totally committed to the success of your event. But Gary Flegal also has the very rare gift of charisma, that certain something that totally engages you and makes it impossible for you to take your eyes off of him. In a word, Gary is charming and he’s a sheer delight to watch. His audience simply *must* have fun because Gary is having so much fun! His infectious smile and sense of wonder captivates the most jaded onlooker.
“Very few entertainers of any sort – and even fewer magicians – have Gary’s almost-magical ability to so completely win over his audience.Gary’s audience eagerly joins him for a wild and whimsical journey where they become part of the show, a magical adventure full of awe-inspiring mystery and uncontrollable laughter.
“Gary Flegal is a treasure…he’s unique. Anyone can hire a magician… most are about the same… or you can treat your audience to the one-of-a-kind entertainment experience that is Gary Flegal. Choose wisely and your audience will thank you… and I guarantee you they’ll never forget their time with Gary Flegal.”
~ Nelson Griswold, author of the book “DO or DIE”

Whether you’re planning a simple family party or a major corporate event, Gary Flegal will give you the precise solution for your entertainment.

Don’t trust your family to just anyone. Get the expert – Dr. Gary Flegal.

The audience – your family – will thank you for inviting him!