5 Steps to Help You Avoid Hiring a Bad Magician for a Birthday Party

Many people know that they want a magician for a birthday party. However, few actually know what makes a magician great. The result is that countless parties end up with second rate shows.

  1. Start by choosing a reasonable budget for the party magician you are going to hire. Without this, there’s very little you can do to narrow down your choices. “Reasonable Budget” has 2 parts – how much you are willing to spend AND what you can expect to receive for what you are willing to spend. Higher price doesn’t automatically mean higher quality, but lower price certainly means lower quality. Consider asking Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles, and close friends to be part of your strategy for funding the magician so that you don’t get stuck with a part-time amateur who doesn’t have much experience. It’s not just about the magic – you also want a magician who is experienced in working with children and family groups.
  2. Ask friends and family if they know magicians they can recommend. Remember though, taking their word for it can only get you so far. After all, you don’t like every movie that’s recommended to you either.
  3. With a list of magicians that fit your budget, narrow things down further by simply following your instincts. If you get the feeling you are dealing with someone less than professional, or their website makes them look less than experienced, don’t risk it. A professional magician knows presentation matters, and if they can’t impress you from the start, you may have problems.
  4. GaryAndHatCheck out testimonials from past clients. Testimonials should be standard on every magician’s website. Real testimonials should include a first and last name, as well as the name of the city in which the person is located. You should seriously wonder about the quality of a magician who doesn’t make it easy for you to find authentic testimonials – both written and video – because this is simply the standard in today’s market. Not having a professional looking website may mean that they are not very experienced, and not having testimonials that are easy to find only reinforces that.
  5. Watch video clips of the magician’s show. Professional magicians offer video samples so you can preview their shows. Their website should offer many examples for you to preview, or go to Google.com and type in the magician’s name and the word YouTube, or the magician’s name and the word testimonial. Only the most qualified performers will come up in such searches, so don’t be afraid to use the Internet as part of the process in finding your magician.


  • The Number One Key To Your Event’s Success is the Experience of the Magician You Hire. Your choice of entertainer sets the tone for your event and the incredible memories that are to be made. Many performers try to break into the entertainment world by doing Kid Shows. You shouldn’t be the guinea pig for these beginners. They may be cheaper AND there may be a reason why they’re cheaper – there’s a big difference between Price and Value.
  • Before you contact the magician, preview enough of their videos and testimonials so you have a good idea of what you will be purchasing. If they don’t have videos and testimonials, it likely means they are inexperienced and don’t have a polished act to speak of.