A Countdown to Christmas: 25 Tips to help you get ready for the Holiday – Part 1 of 4

GaryBreakingOutForHolidaysThe Holidays are coming and along with all the good stuff that happens, there is the inevitable stress. Here are a few tips to help everyone get through this wonderful season, direct to you from THE Family Entertainment Expert – Dr. Gary Flegal.
  1. Remind everyone that children are not mini-adults, and therefore, have different needs than adults. Children need to move more than adults and have questions that need to be addressed to help them understand what is happening at the moment. They are not good at waiting until later to have their needs met (of course, some adults are not good at this either).
  2. Children are easily excited by special events. Adjust schedules to allow time for children to wind down from the excitement of events before their bedtimes. This may mean planning events and family activities to take place earlier in the day to accommodate families with children.
  3. Plan and allow slow time for rest or naps (for adults too!). Vary activities to include both active and quiet times during the day.
  4. Plan for quiet times by bringing along a favorite Christmas book or other story for an adult to read with children.
  5. Pack a Play Bag. This is a bag or small suitcase that can travel with you. Fill it with fun activities such as puzzles, games, coloring books and crayons, favorite toys, or crafts (use your imagination). These activities are useful during busy times when adults are talking or preparing meals. Add new surprises to keep you Play Bag exciting.
    • (Continued in Part 2, with more tips to help you get ready for the Holiday)
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