5 Ways To Have A Terrible Company Holiday Party

Here are 5 ways to have a terrible company holiday party (and how to avoid it):

1. Don’t have one at all!
This sends your people a signal: “We don’t like to have fun, celebrate, or enjoy the spirit of giving and gratitude.” Whoops.

2. Do exactly what you did last year…boring.Gift of Laughter with Gary Flegal

3. Don’t play music.
(Science has shown that music has the power to lift moods).

4. Offer embarrassing entertainment.
Two dangers here: 1) Amateur. 2) Offensive.

5. Make sure there is no fun.

So…What’s the solution?? Give your group the gift of laughter.

When you host a holiday party for your company, you have the opportunity to create positive memories for your people, build a sense of family and togetherness and experience team unity during the most wonderful time of the year.

Clean Comedy Magic can help you capture this occasion by getting everybody laughing together and having fun. After all — laughter is magic!

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