Magician Gary Flegal at The Tennessee Renaissance Festival

Gary Flegal at Tennessee Renaissance FestivalThe first weekend of the Tennessee Renaissance Festival is now history. On day 2 of the Festival following the 2nd show of the day, a little girl and her father approached the edge of the stage. She was about 5 or 6 years old and all decked out in fairy regalia – from sparkly pink poofie skirt to the sparkling crown on her head and the shimmering blue wings on her back, she was every bit a genuine fairy.

I knelt down to greet her enthusiastic smile and to hear her quiet voice. “Your show was awesome,” she gushed, “so I am going to grant you one wish.”

I told her my wish. She spread her magic fan parallel to the ground and the pink and blue sparkles shimmered in the sunlight as she aimed her fairy’s breath at me and blew.

Even though I was the Court Magician for the Festival, this beautiful little fairy created the most magical moment of the whole renaissance fair just by being who she was. And I hope my wish comes true, as I wished for long life and excellent health for everyone I know!